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Swastika Entertainment manages Dance India Dance Season 4 auditions

Zee TV organised the auditions for Dance India Dance (DID) Season 4 from October 29 to November 26. The new season of Dance India Dance has a new format and is now called Dance India Dance Doubles. The auditions were held in 11 cities across India. The auditions were managed by Swastika Entertainment.

This year, the show will recognise dancers in pairs. The show will also be introduced with a new format. New dance forms have been incorporated as well. Each of the participating pairs will be competing with one another and they will be evaluated based on their choreography, coordination, timing and appeal.

Commenting on the association with Zee TV, Amit Verma, Managing Director, Swastika Entertainment said, "We are officially registered as an event company with Zee Enterprise Entertainment. Like us, there are few other event companies registered and once the show opens, we pitch with our creative options and ground implementations. Thus, we bagged the duties to manage auditions for Dance India Dance Doubles in India. We managed the ground auditions of DID Doubles from scratch. Judges and other team members came from the channel and production house to the auditions to select the participants."

Commenting on the registrations for the auditions in each city, Verma added, "In Lucknow, 500 couples registered for the auditions whereas Chandigarh saw 550 couples, Delhi saw 2000 couples, Kolkata saw 1000 couples and from other cities in between, close to 400 couples registered."

Dance India Dance will also be hunting for talent from international frontiers through auditions in Dubai, United States and United Kingdom.

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